What is the Average Wedding Cost in the USA?

Understanding the Statics of Wedding Ceremonies Across the United States

Your Wedding– it is where it breathes life, it is where it takes shape. With more than 2 million people taking vows every year across the States the average wedding cost of a US wedding is $29k – $31k. This average cost is not inclusive of the honeymoon charges. These are still the averages, and mostly the expenditures made on weddings are extravagant and hefty because of the unrealistic intended budget estimations. How much should I budget for the wedding? We have come up with an ample analysis of the stats and figures State by State to guide you before you make a splurge to make your ceremony grand and memorable. 

The Average Wedding Cost by State

The cost of living across the States varies and has a striking impact on the typical cost of a wedding. This manifests that the exorbitant weddings don’t exhibit they are grand and fancy rather it is the upscale cost of that particular State in comparison to the rest. This gives you an edge to make your fairy tale wedding luxurious and grandiose by opting for a State where the average cost of living is economical. Let’s have a look at the average wedding costs across the US. 

The Knot 2020 Real Weddings Analysis yields a competitive focal reference for couples who are eager to say “I DO” in 2021.  We have commutated the average wedding cost per person by taking into account 136 guests per wedding nationwide. 

StatesAverage Cost Per PersonAverage Wedding Cost
New Hampshire$236$32,100
New Jersey$392$53,400
New Mexico$188$25,600
New York$357$48,600
North Carolina$216$29,500
North Dakota & South Dakota$214$29,200
Rhode Island$366$49,800
South Carolina$225$30,600
West Virginia$194$26,500
State Wise Wedding Cost in USA

Most Expensive Parts of a Wedding 

Every wedding has some extravagant and deluxe facets that add to the budget. An estimate has been yielded for the average wedding cost in 2021. Here is a quick overview of the expenditures expected in a wedding so that you could pragmatically get an apt estimate to expend to make your big day worthwhile.

Reception Band: $3097-$3617
  • Reception Band/ Wedding DJs: $3097-$3617                                 
  • Reception Rehearsal:  $1198 – $1414
  • Wedding Officiant: $218 – $258                                   
  • Wedding Cake: $445-$631
  • Wedding Reception Cost: $12,664-$13,548                 
  • Wedding Invites: $381-$441
  • Engagement Ring: $5,500                                    
  • Average Wedding Venue Costs: $3,000
  • Catered Food: $4,200 for 140 guests                            
  • Florist: $-500- $1000
  • Photographer: $2500                                                
  • Wedding Planner: $1560-$2102
  • Wedding Dress: $1,089-$1,429

Cost of Covid-19 Weddings

 Let’s analyze how exactly the 2020 weddings unfolded during the pandemic. The repercussions of Covid can be notably seen, impacting the average wedding expenditures across the States. According to research conducted by The Knots, the average cost of a wedding in pandemic had been abated to $19000 from $28000, an average estimate of 2019 weddings. Amid the prevalent conditions, 93% of the couples didn’t cancel their weddings but amendments were made to cater to the situation. The average wedding cost dropped by 9000$ as the situation was persuaded by the restrictions penned down by the government including the guest count limitations, social distancing rules, the wedding venue selection, and the format of the event.   

How Much Small Wedding Costs?

A multitude of factors influences the average wedding cost on a small scale. Avoid a metropolitan area for your venue, cut out unnecessary decorations, curtail the guest’s list, opt for economical wedding cakes, and try not to exceed your estimated budget. An average of $33,000 has been estimated by The Knots for a small wedding. But the cost may increase or decrease depending upon your preferences for a small-scale wedding even if you skip the wedding DJ.  

Important Functions in a Wedding

  • Engagement Party – Immediate family members from the groom’s and bride’s families are invited to a small engagement gathering to officially announce the union of two families. 
  • Bridal Showers – Close friends and family members host a party for the bride to shower her with presents wrapped in love and affection, before 2-3 months or weeks of the wedding date. 
  • Bachelorette Party – Often dated a week before the big day, usually hosted by the groomsmen and bridesmaids. 
  • Welcome Party- The wedding festivities for a destination wedding begin with a welcome party, where all the guests are greeted with a cocktail party a day or two before the wedding. 
  • Rehearsal Dinner – A dinner traditionally compared by the groom’s family two nights before the wedding. The immediate family members are invited for local weddings, but for destination weddings, the invite is extended to all the guests weeks or months before the wedding date. 
  • Wedding Ceremony and Reception – The most expensive part of the wedding is the reception that may be hosted by either of the two families or at times by both families. The invite is extended to all the guests. But for the Church ceremonies, there can be an exception due to limited capacity. 


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