Must-Try Indian Wedding Foods to Spice Up Your Celebration

At an Indian wedding, where the air is buzzing with excitement, one element truly steals the spotlight: Indian wedding food!
Food at an Indian wedding will not only fill your tummy but also warm your heart. But here’s the catch: food is not just a checkbox; it has to be lip-smackingly scrumptious. Good food and your guests will keep singing your praises. Bad food and they’ll turn into food critics for life (yikes)

In this blog, we have rounded up the most popular Indian wedding foods that will make your big day extra, extra special.


Well, who doesn’t love appetizers? A mouth-watering appetizer in your Indian wedding menu will set the tone for the main meal and keep the excitement building.

Indian Appetizers also represent the rich culinary traditions of India, providing a taste of the region’s specialties. Here’s a list of the most popular Indian wedding appetizers.

Pani Poori
Mini Samosa
Dahi Vada
Sprouts Chaat
Sweet Potato Chaat
Daal Baati (From Rajasthan)
French Fries
Veg Sandwich
Aaloo Chaat
Khakra Roll
Dahi Puri
Sev Puri
Kuzhi Paniyaram
Masala Vadai
Dahi Bhalla
Bhel Puri
Cocktail Kachori
Litthi Chokha (From Bihar)
Mumbai Ragda Patties
Spinach Roll
Tokri Chaat
Aloo Katori Chaat
Garlic Bread


Apart from the appetizers, you can also add snacks to keep the mood going. These crispy, crunchy delights are the best fillers. Here’s a list of additional snacks you can add to your wedding menu ideas:

Veg Kebab
Chilly Potato
Honey Potato
Coin Parota
Cheppankizhangu Chops
Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice
Mushroom Tikka
Chilli Parotta
Pesarattu with Uppuma (Direct from Andhra Pradesh)
Nellore Dosa
Neer Dosa
Semiya Biryani
Bagala Bath
Salads are an absolute must-have in your Indian wedding buffet menu. Indian wedding salads, with seasonal fruits, fresh herbs, and spices, are a delicious blend of taste and nutrition. They’re like the fresh, crisp sidekicks that add a burst of color and flavor to the wedding feast.

Whether it’s the classic Kachumber salad, with its mix of crunchy veggies, or the tangy and spicy Chana Chaat, salads bring a refreshing contrast to the bold flavors of Indian cuisine.

You can choose one or two to your liking from this list of the most popular salads included in Indian wedding menus.

Fruit Salad
Apple Cucumber Salad
Kachumber Salad
Cheese & Pineapple Salad
Sprouts Salad with Veggies
Vegetable Salad with Lemony Apple Dressing
Sprouted Moong Salad
Sprouted Chana Salad
Beans Salad
Beetroot and Garlic Salad


Soups are an additional delicious teaser in Indian wedding catering, preparing the palate for the explosion of flavors to come. Rich in spices and carefully cooked, these soups bring an aroma that is perfect in winter.

Here is a list of all the must-try soups that are loved everywhere.

Cream of Tomato Soup
Lemon and Coriander Soup
Sweet Corn Soup
Bottle Gourd and Onion Soup
Spinach Soup
Hot n Sour Soup
Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup
Drumstick Soup
Tomato Rasam
Mulligatawny Soup
Pepper Mushroom Soup
Herbal Soup


The heart and soul of Indian wedding foods are the Vegetarian dishes. From the creamy, aromatic indulgence of Paneer Tikka to the spicy Chana Masala, these vegetarian traditional Indian vegetarian dishes offer a multitude of choices. They cater to every taste bud, ensuring that no guest leaves unsatisfied.

Check out this list for vegetarian dishes ideas for your wedding dinner.

Paneer Capsicum Masala
Navratan Korma
Veg Jalfrezi
Kadai Paneer
Paneer Achari
Shahi Paneer
Mixed Veg
Methi Aloo
Palak Paneer
Gobhi Aloo Matar
Kurkuri Bhindi
Methi Aloo Malai
Stuffed Bhindi
Paneer Methi Malai
Baby Corn Capsicum
Aloo Baingan
Beerakaya Cashew Masala
Paneer Korma
Chennai Chops
Vegetable Bhel (on tawa)
Stuffed Baingan
Tawa Bhindi
Tandoori Stuffed Sesame Aloo
Matar Paneer
Paneer Makhani
Aloo Palak
Paneer Methi Malai Matar


Curries and gravies in Indian wedding foods are the flavor-packed stars of the show. They transform every meal into a rich culinary experience. From the creamy decadence of Butter Chicken to the fiery Rogan Josh, these curries and gravies come in a stunning array of flavors, textures, and heat levels. Each curry, with its unique blend of spices and cooking techniques, represents a different region and culture within India. Let’s check them out.

Malai Kofta
Paneer Lababdar
Kashmiri Dum Aloo
Kadai Panchme
Goan Vegetable Curry
Bagara Baingan
Sarson Ka Saag
Khumb Do Pyaza
Amritsari Paneer Tikka
Bhindi Do Pyaza
Mushroom Matar
Makai Khumb Masala
Navrattan Curry
Mixed Vegetables Makhani
Dahiwale AlooDaal Tadka Daal
Makhani Panchratna Daal
Chana Daal
Urad Daal


Whether it’s the soft, buttery Garlic Naan or the crispy perfection of a Tandoori Roti, these bread varieties add a comforting and wholesome dimension to the meal. Without the right chapatti/roti, the Indian wedding menu is incomplete. Here are the types of chapati that you can consider adding to the main menu.

Green Puri (made of green spinach or other leafy veggie)
Butter Naan
Missi Roti
Tawa Roti or Chapati
Bajra Rotla
Laccha Paratha
Kulcha naan


For a complete meal, RAITA IS A MUST. Whether it’s the classic Cucumber Raita or the mint-infused Pudina Raita, they add a layer of complexity to the meal, making every bite special. Here are some delicious and yummiest raitas that you can add to your dinner wedding menu

Pineapple Raita
Cucumber Raita
Cabbage Raita
Plain Curd
Masala Raita
Mint Raita
Burani Raita
Ginger Mint Raita
Green Chilli Raita
Onion Mint Raita
Pomegranate Raita
Fruit Raita
Pahari Raita
Gujarati Raita
Mixed Vegetable Raita
Boondi Raita


Desserts in an Indian wedding menu are the grand finale, the crown jewels, the sweet reminders that love and happiness should be savored and celebrated.

Desserts are shared with joy and served with a generous hand. Following is a list of must-try dessert ideas for your wedding dinner.

Gulab Jamun
Dry Fruits Kheer
Kesar Kheer
Mango Payasam
Gajar Ka Halwa
Apple Halwa
Pazha Pradhanam
Cadbury Roll
Ice cream
Anarkali Roll
Mysore Pak
Pistachio Praline Parfait
Pot Kulfi
Roller Kulfi
Badam Cassata
Qubani ka Meetha
Patishapta with Strawberry Couli
Badam Ka Halwa
Faluda Kulfi


Beverages at an Indian wedding are the life of the party. From the comforting Chai to the refreshing juices, they add flavor and fun to the celebration. These drinks keep the energy high and the laughter flowing. Check out these ideas.

  • Iced Tea
    Gola (Mumbai ki Shaan)
    Aam Panna (Cold Coffee
    Nimbu Paani
    Watermelon Juice
    Mixed Fruit Juice
    Orange punch Juice
    Pineapple Juice
    Black grape juice

Wrapping Up

Indian wedding food is always the star of the wedding. We hope these must-try traditional Indian dishes help you rock your wedding food menu.

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