Best Wedding DJs: Setting the Stage for Unforgetabble Beats

From chart-topping hits to timeless classics, our skilled Wedding DJs curate sonic journeys that elevate any event, turning gatherings into pulsating celebrations of sound and rhythm. We believe that the most exceptional moment in anyone's life is their wedding day. Who wouldn't desire a wedding day filled with the most unforgettable, enjoyable, and entertaining experiences, allowing you to savor every moment? Our team comprises Best Wedding DJs with extensive experience and a strong sense of professionalism. We are dedicated to creating memorable events by incorporating a personalized touch and tailoring everything to the client's desires. With our South Asian DJs having participated in numerous weddings, they possess the expertise to meticulously plan, host, and animate gatherings and weddings.

OSV Team


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DJ Rameez
DJ Asim
DJ Ricky Sehkon
DJ Ricky Sekhon
DJ Lakh$
DJ Lakh$
DJ Shahid
DJ Shahid
Dholi Hardeep
Dholi Navi
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Drummer Q
Singer Arslan Rabbani
Singer Arslan Rabbani
MC Sami B
55 copy
Drummer Q
Singer Arslan Rabbani
Singer Arslan Rabbani
MC Sami B

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Outspoken Visions takes pride in its team of professionals and seasoned South Asian DJs, Singers, and Dholis. Learn more about us by watching our introductory clips below!

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    • DJ
    • Live Dhol
    • MC
    • Intelligent Dancefloor Lighting
    • Uplighting
    • Pinspot lighting
    • Dancing on Clouds Effect
    • Gobo/Monogram Lighting
    • Spot Lighting
    • Stage Wash Lighting
    • Custom Dancefloors
    • Screens & Projectors
    • Mobile Baraat
    • Co2 Gun Effect
    • Led Wall
    • Photo Booth
    • LED Party Favors
    • Wedding Ceremony Sound
    • Special Effects
    • Plasma/LCD TVs
    • Cold Sparkulars Effect