Trending Indian Wedding Entry Songs to Make Your Day Special

Indian weddings are a whirlwind of vibrant colors, lively traditions, and an absolute blast of love and togetherness! And guess what adds to all that fun? A perfect Indian wedding entrance song!

So, here’s the deal: whether you want your entrance to be all teary-eyed or bursting with laughter, the right song sets the vibe for the entire event. It breaks the ice, gets the party started, and makes everyone let loose.

In this blog,  we will take you through the ultimate list of the top 12 Indian wedding entrance songs for 2024. From mind-blowing bridal entries to the groom’s epic arrival and the whole fam’s entrances, we’ve handpicked the absolute best jams that’ll make your wedding unforgettable. So, let’s dive in.

1. Baaraat – Ritviz and Nucleya 

Now the wedding procession is arriving near you,

Don’t refuse, again and again, come with me

Let’s start with this absolute banger of an album called “Baraat” by Ritviz. Whether it’s the title track “Baraat”, that’ll make you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow, or the catchy tunes of “Roz” and “Saathi” that’ll have you humming along throughout the event, this album is a total mood lifter. And let’s not forget “Ari Ari” – it’s a jam that’ll get you grooving instantly! 

As the titles also suggest, they can definitely serve as your perfect Indian wedding entry songs.  

2. Maan meri jaan- King 

“Believe me, my love, I will never let you go

I will hold you and hide you in my arms”

This track is currently taking the wedding scene by storm, making it an ideal choice for the groom’s entrance in an Indian wedding. With its romantic and playful lyrics, it will not only bring a smile to the bride’s face but also make her blush with joy. Sweet right? So, If you want a memorable, heartwarming entrance for the groom, go with this popular hit.

3. Sajna- Badshah (ft Payal dev) 

For you, my beloved, these bangles and anklets,

I have found and adorned them just for you

If you are a couple who loves jamming to rap songs and want to bring some extra energy to your special day, “Sajna” is for you! It’s a popular, upbeat, and fun track that works wonders for the bride, groom, and their dynamic group of friends. 

It can be used as a solo Indian bridal entry song and also as a lively track for the couple’s wedding reception entrance. The song’s catchy beats, bouncy rhythm, and inclusion of rap make it a versatile choice for our rap-loving husbands and wives.                                                                                           

4. Nachdi Phira- ShutterDown Version (Feat. Jasleen Royal) 

“I will speak only your words

I will sing only your melodies”

 These lines are pure love and devotion. They show how the bride is head over heels for her soon-to-be hubby. If you’re a bride who wants a wedding entrance that brings tears to everyone’s eyes and tugs at their heartstrings, this Indian bridal entry song is your ultimate pick.

5. Iraaday- Abdul Hannan & Rovalio

  “What kind of ambiance is this, here we are,

   How can I express my intentions to you”

This Pakistani track blew up on social media in 2024, making everyone go crazy for it, especially in India! It can be your go-to choice for the groom’s entrance at your Indian wedding. The song’s high-energy beats, cute melodies, and sweet vocals will get your audience up on their feet, ready to celebrate!

6. Aaj Sajeya-Goldie Sohel 

“Today, the time is adorned with happiness,

Everyone is dancing, everyone is singing”

Another great choice for an Indian wedding entrance song. The song beautifully expresses the joyous atmosphere of a wedding event, highlighting the festive mood, merriment, and essence of celebration.

7. Navrai Majhi- Amit Trivedi

“Hey, my new daughter-in-law,

You’ve added colors to our courtyard”

This one can be an absolute jam as the family’s entry song at your Indian Wedding. Picture your parents and parents-in-law grooving to it, bringing some desi vibes and traditional moves to the wedding celebration. 

Additionally, the vibrant beats and cheerful lyrics also make it an ideal Indian wedding exit song, leaving a lasting impression of happiness and celebration as the newlyweds bid farewell to their loved ones. So if you want to end your event on a high note, go with Navrai Majhi. 

8. Deewana hai Dekho- Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Look, He is crazy, and restless (in love)

Oh, absolutely! “Deewana Hai Dekho” is a total nostalgia trip that never fails to bring back some sweet childhood memories of KKKG. When it comes to the groom’s entrance at an Indian Wedding, this song is pure gold! 

Its catchy beats, playful lyrics, and infectious energy will add an element of fun and humor to the moment. With the groom making his grand entrance to this old Hindi song, all smiley and handsome, the crowd won’t be able to help but join in the celebration, dancing and laughing.

9. Hassan & Roshaan- Bandhan (ft Quratulain Balouch)                                                 

The recent release of this Pakistani song has quickly captured Indian hearts with its captivating music and soul-stirring lyrics sung by the legend QB. It’s a perfect addition to the list, especially as a song for the bride and groom’s reception entrance. The track expresses the emotions of togetherness and longing in a fun, upbeat way, setting an energetic atmosphere for the couple to make their entrance hand in hand. 

Peer Vi Tu- Harshdeep Kaur, Mohan Kannan

“My soul is yours, and so am I

God, my entire heart is filled with you”

The ultimate emotional anthem for brides who want a tear-jerking entrance. If you choose this Indian wedding entrance song, beware of the emotions. The heart-touching lyrics and soul-stirring melody will definitely hit you and your guests right in the feels.

11. Raataan Lambiyan- from SherShaah

“The nights are long, so long

Spent with you, my beloved”

An absolute gem of a song for the Indian bride and groom’s reception entrance! It’s like a romantic melody that sweeps everyone off their feet. The lyrics are all about the deep connection between two lovers and long nights spent together. With this song playing, the couple’s entrance will be nothing short of a fairytale moment filled with love, laughter (and a whole lot of romance)

12. Ghodey pe sawaar – from Qala, Sireesha Bhagavatula

By slowly teasing and enticing,

The bride’s heart opens its doors.

Oh beloved, why are you riding on a horse? “Ghodey Pe Sawaar” went viral on TikTok and Instagram this year, creating a buzz with its awesome beats and cheeky lyrics. It’s THE perfect Indian bridal entry song, adding a playful and teasing vibe to the moment.                                                   


Indian wedding entrance songs are a key ingredient in creating a memorable and exciting atmosphere for the whole event. From joyful and energetic tracks like “Baraat” and “Sajna” to emotional and nostalgic tunes like “Nachdi Phira” and “Peer Vi Tu,” these songs set the tone, evoke emotions, and bring people together in celebration.

Whether you want a tear-jerking entrance or a lively dance party, you can choose any one of these Indian wedding entry songs for an unforgettable occasion filled with love, joy, and beautiful melodies.

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