So, proposing your someone special went perfectly. Her mesmerizing ‘yes’ would echo in your heart forever but it also meant there’s gonna be a wedding in the near future. The amount of planning required for a wedding is a full-fledged commitment for several months ahead. While most people have some prior experience in event management throughout their job life, handpicking a suitable wedding band, on a budget, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If the wedding band cost seems to put too much strain on your budget then check out this wedding DJ cost vs wedding band cost comparison and succumb to consider cheaper alternatives. The problem here is, that this innocent act of cutting down corners may be the one decision that sets your wedding event on a road to ruin. 

Before you add another item to your to-worry list, running parallel to your to-do list, this blog will address all your concerns and give you the know-how on how to choose the best budget DJ for your wedding day and what the average DJ cost for a wedding is.

What to Expect from a Good Wedding DJ

 A common misperception is that a club DJ and a wedding DJ are basically the same people. It’s quite understandable because, from the public’s eye, they’re both playing music to get people out on the dance floor. Where a club DJ can simply show up and start spinning tunes, a wedding DJ has to consider a lot of dynamics. His/her focus is on creating an awesome experience for everyone but particularly the couple. Unlike in a club or concert, where everyone is already in the mood to party, the crowd in a wedding goes through countless phases of emotions and the DJ needs to match his melody choice accordingly.

How Can Our DJ Address Your Concerns?

If you give us an idea of your dance preferences, we can tailor the genres and music and even throw in some surprises for you! We’ll also help you answer all the important questions. Before your wedding day arrives your DJ would be fully prepared.

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How Much Should a Wedding DJ Cost?

The average DJ cost for a wedding is around $1,200, but this doesn’t reflect the wide range of prices you’ll likely see while planning your event. DJ companies are actually charging between the range of $600 to $3500. These rates can go even higher if you’re getting an in-demand DJ. It must be kept in consideration though that prices do tend to vary from DJ to DJ that offers different packages for different events. The average cost of a wedding DJ in the year 2019 on a national basis was $1200. Of course, DJ prices for weddings run parallel to how long you book the DJ for 

Factors That Dictate the Wedding DJ Cost Vs Wedding Band Cost

Where and When?

 A DJ’s price range will also be affected by your wedding location. According to our research, Southwestern couples spent the least on a DJ (slightly over $1000) while Mid-Atlantic couples spent the maximum (almost $2000). Still, every DJ (and DJ company) is different and has different pricing—so it’s best to check with them specifically to get a clear idea of the average DJ cost for weddings. If your wedding is taking place on a day that isn’t a Saturday or during the off-season which is usually November through February, your DJ might offer you a discount.

Performance Time

The average DJ cost for weddings mostly depends on the time. A reception that lasts about 4 hours runs around $600 to $1,200. The average DJ cost per hour is $200.

Get the Most Experienced Consultants for Planning Your Big Day

Every modern couple knows wedding planning is not a walk in the park, and before you and your soulmate become one, you’ll have to go through the same planning phases. Fortunately, this process can get much easier with the help of wedding planners and consultants. 

How a Wedding Consultant Can Aid You?

A wedding consultant will help you direct your money yield quality in every aspect without blowing your budget. Whether it be, uplighting, special effects, or other DJ services, the consultant will deal with the nitty-gritty of orchestrating a perfect event while keeping you in the loop on every step. Another highly significant aspect is scheduling. You can forestall a lot of embarrassment if you synchronize every individual beforehand. Of course, you can only plan so far, but with the help of a consultant, the chances of your wedding being sabotaged become little to none. Read all about the amazing services of our wedding consultants here.

Why Not Hire a Budget DJ?

Low-costing DJs end up costing around a few hundred dollars only might not be skilled enough or lack the necessary experience or equipment to provide the ultimate experience for you or your guests.

Keep in mind that inexpensive DJs might also be inexperienced and unprofessional. They usually don’t have a backup DJ, and they don’t have backup equipment if something gets broken. Our DJs at Outspoken Visions are not only highly trained but are well versed in professional equities. They know how to make everyone comfortable and have the time of their lives.  

Potential Mishaps

Wouldn’t it be absolutely dreadful if your DJ played a wildly inappropriate song at your big entrance moment? If the DJ is so unorganized that he leaves you and your new spouse standing awkwardly on the dance floor for over a minute, it would be a disaster.

An unprofessional or unskilled DJ can destroy your important wedding milestones whether it’s the ceremony or even the first dance. They can also ruin the vibe of your day, drinking on the job, looking unkempt, and making inappropriate comments. So make sure your choice is professional and experienced.

The Perks of Having an Indian DJ in the States

The subcontinent has been known to spice up people’s lives for as long as the world can remember. Their specialty isn’t just limited to firing up people’s taste buds, but also their dance floors. Having an Indian DJ especially if you are an Indian couple tying the knot in the US can certainly bring the desi vibe all the way from home. A DJ who knows his craft can skillfully mix music from all genres, but to emotionally connect with a Desi couple and their family, they need to be talented and Indian. With that being said, Our crew is highly professional and highly Indian and they will surely make your wedding day magical.

Why Not Go for a Wedding Band?

The main benefit a wedding band can offer you is that you and your guests can indulge in live music all night long. On an instant notice, they can switch from upbeat dance songs to romantic slow songs if the occasion calls for it. Plus, most wedding bands are willing to learn any special requests (like that song you and your S.O. were listening to when you had your first kiss). Not only will they provide an unforgettable set, but these talented musicians will also help keep the energy of the room up.

How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost?

According to an internal study, the average cost of a wedding band is around $4,300 to $6000. This investment in live music is likely related to a renewed focus on the guest experience.

Wedding DJ or Band, Which is Better?

This decision is yours and your wedding partner’s to make. Evaluate what songs you’d like for the band or the DJ to play at your reception. If you’re someone who absolutely needs to hear a certain song by a certain artist, a DJ is the right choice for you. If you’re leaning towards a guitar solo live performance, then a wedding band might be a better fit.  

Get the Best of Both Worlds

If you are willing to expand your budget just a little bit then you can organize a unique mix of folk and jazz. You can even go for a band and a DJ booth and split the time for the perfect wedding reception. You can even hire one for the main reception and go for the other option for the after-party. Of course, you’d have to consider the cost of the wedding band vs DJ prices.

To Sum Up the Wedding DJ Cost Vs Wedding Band Cost

 As hectic as it may be, Orchestrating your wedding day is truly a privilege. Not every apprehension you come up with happens and, in the end,  most things will go right. A great wedding DJ or a live band can make your special day unforgettable. Avoid hiring inexperienced DJs as they have yet to gain the skills necessary for delivering the experience you seek. Plan ahead and talk to your DJ 7-8 months before your wedding to discuss music preferences and timeline.

After years, you and your partner will remember the melodies from your wedding day. You’d smile at the realization that they’ve become part of the many beautiful memories that bind your hearts together.

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