Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune to have your dream wedding. Nowadays, people are searching for Cheap Wedding Ideas that are still stylish and unforgettable. You want your wedding to be picture-perfect, but you also don’t want to break the bank. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can have a beautiful and affordable wedding that’s worthy of Pinterest boards.

You can still achieve your perfect modern wedding with cheap wedding ideas and budget-friendly tips in place, which we will be telling you about.

08 Cheap Wedding Ideas to Save Thousands

Perhaps, the most favorable thing about the perfect modern wedding is that it is highly customizable. This means that you can do your wedding planning with low-budget wedding ideas. Let’s see what some of these wedding hacks constitute.

1. Rent Your Jewelry

It is quite understandable that you would have so much pressure from society and your family to buy the ideal jewelry which coincides with your wedding planning. Instead of spending so much money on that, look for a place from where you can rent that same jewelry for the duration of your perfect modern wedding.

This helps you in the long run since that heavy jewelry is rarely ever worn again, and you would be on the first rung of the ladder to achieving your wedding on a budget.

2. Remove the Printing Costs

It seems pretty ill-advised in a highly digitized era if you are still following the centuries-old practice of sending out printed wedding cards for your perfect modern wedding. Intelligent people have significantly adjusted to the online system.

Therefore, you should work on these wedding hacks by sending out your wedding invitations via WhatsApp and email to respected parties.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Discounted Deals

Many bridal salons and wedding planners, and dress studios have their sales going on throughout the year. You can carry out all your wedding ideas on a budget if you timely look for these discounted deals and sales before your perfect modern wedding.

Some salons and studios also give out vouchers to their regular customers, so if you have a fancy relative who frequently shops from your desired designer, involve them in your process of planning a wedding on a budget.

4. Employ Newbie Photographers

One of the most innovative ways to ensure your wedding is on a budget is to employ up-and-coming photographers who are looking for opportunities such as a perfectly modern wedding to increase their outreach yet, at the same time, are pretty skilled and cost extremely low.

These novice photographers will publicize your event quite thoroughly because their interest would be to promote their work while simultaneously helping you fulfill your cheap wedding ideas on a budget.

5. Reuse as Much as Possible

You can utilize the flowers and chairs you used for events before your final big day on that day. This would significantly save the costs and resources of having new flowers and chairs each day. You can use this low-budget wedding idea for the bridesmaids or place it on the guests’ tables.

6. Avoid Expensive Table Linens

Ask your caterer not to include luxurious table linens for your perfect modern wedding. Tell them to use traditional cotton or polyester cloth linens which would greatly save the cost and minimize damage charges.

Plain table linens are quite a in use nowadays, which look quite good with embroidered table cloth and are less costly. This is one of the most helpful wedding hacks one can use.

7. Set Up a Drinking Hour

Instead of spending so much on the drinks cost, set up an hour which you can name the “Cocktail Hour.” People can only drink expensive drinks during this time. Many people might not want to drink at that hour which would indeed contribute to your low-budget wedding.

8. Keep Discounted Meals for Kids

If you believe there will be children coming to your wedding, have your caterers prepare some kid’s meals for your perfect modern wedding, which would be at a discounted price. The meals used for adults shouldn’t be for kids since they rarely eat that much. Furthermore, try to reduce your menu to those items that can be easily prepared, consequently not costing that much.

A lot of people have financial constraints when it comes to events like these, especially weddings. In that case, one needs intensive prior research to know how they can get the finest quality items at the lowest prices. Many shops have the items one would need for a perfectly modern wedding, and they sell them at affordable prices.

Therefore, your wisest approach would be to ask as many people as possible, gather information daily, and plan your budget in an organized way. Take help wherever required, and no doubt, having your perfect modern wedding wouldn’t just be a dream anymore!