You are celebrating the biggest day of your life and chances are you’re dreaming of extravagant decor and flower arrangements. Which can easily break your bank, so you want to find ways to save money on your wedding. Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help you plan your dream event with our useful compilation of wedding-saving tips. 

Saving money on your wedding is not only a smart move for your wallet but is also a practical decision to make for your future expenses. Although it is the biggest and most meaningful party you’ll have in your lifetime you don’t actually have to spend too much on it. 

There are many small extra things that you don’t even need to spend your money on, because guess what, most of your guests won’t notice them. So if you want to find out the best ways to save for a wedding then keep on reading! 

Wedding Budget Tips for How To Save Money On A Wedding

Having a wedding savings plan isn’t just about staying on a tight budget, it is also about focusing on the details that truly matter on your big day. You want to make sure you add details on your wedding day that makes everything feel more personal to you. While also using wedding hacks to save money. Your event just has to have three important things, tasty food, amazing photographers, and good music. So let’s see some of the ways to save money on your wedding day. 

Keep Your Guest List Short 

Are you wondering what the best way to save for your wedding day is? That’s simple, just keep your guest list short. It’s often hard to shortlist guests for your wedding day because all parties are invested in it. You, your parents, your partner’s parents, friends, and family that you want to invite. 

But keeping the list small will help you save money on every aspect of your big day. After all, it is your day and you get to decide who you want to invite. So try to only invite the people that are closest to you and the ones that mean the most. 

Get Married on the Right Day

You may be wondering if the actual day for hosting your big event truly matters. Well, it does. You will be surprised to know that each day of the week comes with different pricing for events. 

An easy way to save money on a wedding is to pick any day except Saturday. Saturday is the most common and popular day of the week for generally any event or party. A Friday Or Sunday wedding will help you save thousands of dollars on the venue. So try to host your big day on a Friday, a Sunday, or even on a weeknight. 

Get Married at an Off-peak Season

Peak seasons are common and they are expensive as well. You can save a ton of money by just getting married in a month that isn’t too popular. For instance, getting married in November, December, January, and February can cost you less money. 

If the demand for a certain date is more for instance in June, then naturally you will have to pay a higher price for the venue. But don’t worry, you will have just as good of a party that is hosted a week after the peak season. 

Look for a Non-traditional Venue

How do you save on a wedding venue? The answer is simple, just find a non-traditional venue for your event. Consider getting married in a place that doesn’t charge extra money and isn’t a traditional banquet. 

Check out a restaurant, a vacation house, or a brewery for your event. These are the wedding venue options that will not break the bank entirely. Renting a place that isn’t traditionally used as a wedding venue will not only help you save tons of money but will also be a unique factor in your wedding. 

For instance, if you book a restaurant for your venue then you will usually only have to pay for the food you eat there. But keep in mind that there may be rental fees for extra things such as tents and lighting

Get Your Hands on a Pocket-friendly Dress

A wedding dress may be an important part of your wedding, however, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. You may be surprised to find gorgeous dresses at half the price compared to what you will see in a designer store. 

Granted you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were a child. But do you really want to go over your budget that you may have saved for something more important? If you are lucky you may be able to find designer dresses in a sample sale. The sample sale is to attract new customers and to sell to older designers. And trust us, nobody will know the difference between the styles. So why not spend less on your dream dress? 

Additionally, did you know you can find great dresses in the prom section of a boutique? You can pick up a white prom dress at any clothing store and you’ll be good to go on your wedding day! 

Set a Budget for the Accessories

Buying an inexpensive dress isn’t the only obstacle you have to face. Getting the right kind of accessories that don’t cost a lot also needs to be taken into consideration. You need to take into consideration the tailoring fee, the cost of your shoes, jewelry, clutch, and the price of the veil account. 

You can save on some of the extra costs by borrowing a veil or a clutch from a family member or a friend. Or you can get your hands on a preloved veil to save some extra cash. Make sure you buy sandals/shoes that you will wear after the event. Reuse the things that you will buy at your wedding to avoid wasting your hard-earned money. 

Bring a Twist to the Typical Invitations and Reply Cards

There are many ways you can style your invitations. Sending out traditional cards to your guests is old-fashioned. You can save a lot of cash by having a single insert that will direct your guests to your wedding website. So you won’t have to go through the hassle of sending multiple cards for your events such as the rehearsal dinner, brunch party, etc.

You will save up both money and time with a wedding website. However, if you do decide to go with traditional cards then you can replace the basic reply card with an RSVP postcard instead. A reply card comes with an extra cost which is its envelope and stamp. While a postcard will cut the printing and postage cost entirely. Postcard stamps are a cheaper alternative compared to regular mail. 

Decide on the Menu

The menu plays a huge part in your wedding day. Try choosing a short-tier cake. The shorter the tier the less it will cost you. Usually, cakes at weddings are just for the sake of good photos. So you can buy a small well-decorated cake for the pictures. And then you can serve your guests a larger sheet cake for them to enjoy.

Some people go as far as buying fake wedding cakes for pictures. Which is a cost-friendly option. Another tip you can try is by cutting drink sizes. Tell your bartender to serve the drink you have decided on in smaller glasses. You can minimize the cost of your drinks by trying this tip. 

Save on Wedding Decor

An easy way to save money on a wedding is by finding decor that isn’t expensive. Some floral shops have excess inventory in their warehouse that they are willing to sell for cheaper prices. Another way you can save some extra cash is by borrowing some decor or centerpieces from a friend or family member that has saved them from their wedding. 

This is a smart idea since you’ll only enjoy the decorations for a few hours before the party is over. Additionally, you can add decorations to your event by finding them in cheaper places. A craft store will carry minimal-looking decoration pieces that will not only look beautiful with your theme but will also cost half the price. 

How to Save Money on a Wedding With Outspoken Visions

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