Every bride has something magical prepared for her special day because most Indian households love celebrating weddings with a bang. There are many different traditional functions at a Desi wedding, however, for some of the unconventional couples out there, thinking out of the box is more fun. With so many wedding party ideas circling the internet, it’s a small wonder that people come up with the craziest, most unique ways to celebrate their special day in style.

Wedding Party Ideas & Fun Things to Do at Indian Weddings

1. Marvel Masti

When it comes to wedding ideas, social media is your best friend. With all of the different themed wedding ideas floating around on the internet, it’s easy to get caught up and try something. 

For those wedding decorators who know their clients are obsessed with the superhero movie genre, this is the perfect idea to make sure your bride spends her day with a smile on her face. Simply set up a ballroom function with classy Marvel-themed décor and print out masks for your guests to choose from.

Has anyone ever seen Spiderman at an Indian wedding? Well, now they will!

Marvel-themed wedding invitation ideas are a great way to have your guests chuckle even before the event and one can easily hire an illustrator to design a card for them. When the bridal party has wedding reception ideas that are both creative and engaging, both the couple and the guests are always sure to remember that special night for years to come.

2. Carnival Time!

There’s no such thing as too much excitement!

There are so many conventional themed wedding reception ideas, but people always forget the out-of-the-box non-traditional wedding celebrations. Having an amazing carnival-themed celebration before the wedding is a great way to spice things up as a bride and let loose before the big day. There are millions of carnival decoration ideas to choose from over social media, and the event can be as extravagant as you want it to be.

Want to know the best part? No need to stick to traditional wedding invitation ideas, carnival themed parties can be as unique as you want!

For most wedding decorators, these events are the perfect way to jazz the bride and her close friends up before the special day, and also a great way for the wedding guests to have fun at an event.

3. Bhungra at the Beach

There are so many crazy wedding party ideas, but few are as out-of-the-box as a beach-themed daytime wedding extravaganza.

Not only could this be one of the potential pre-wedding party ideas for the bride and her family, but it also works great with wedding reception ideas especially if there is a destination wedding. The entire family can go to the beach after the traditional part of the ceremony is over and celebrate the couple’s big day. You can even end the night with dinner on the waves and take your guests onto a boat to dine under the stars.

What’s a more romantic wedding backdrop than a sunset at the beach?

The best part is that this isn’t one of those crazy wedding party ideas that will make your traditional relatives feel out of place. Having a dance party at the beach is actually a great ending to your magical day and you can celebrate the event in a stylish manner.

4. Game Night

Trivia night and twister at an Indian wedding? Count us in!

Some wedding ideas are relatively mild and simple to arrange, but some are completely new and unconventional. For those couples that don’t mesh well with the traditional, there are some crazy wedding party ideas that are sure to leave your wedding guests buzzing with excitement for years to come.

Game nights are perfect wedding party ideas especially in the days leading up to the main event because they are a great way for the bride, groom, and their families to let loose and have fun. Planning weddings can be stressful, so this is a great way to forget those tensions and just focus on having fun.

With just some simple wedding invitations, some carnival-themed colorful décor, and a little creativity, your Desi game night wedding party will be easy to plan and fun to attend.

5. Sufi Night

There are hundreds of wedding invitation ideas spiraling around on the internet, but a Sufi-themed greeting card for a wedding is a great way to explore Sufi music and have a great wedding event with a new and exciting theme.

For wedding decorators who like exploring traditional themes even when they are planning non-essential wedding parties, this is a great way to explore desi culture with a twist.

With intricate, gold-engraved wedding invitations, a beautiful stage decorated to perfection, and a live band playing Sufi music under the stars, this will surely be one of those wedding party ideas that’s a huge hit with your older relatives.

6. After Party with Fireworks Display

There are so many wedding party ideas that focus on the days leading up to the main event, but the after-party deserves some love too.

Want to end your wedding celebrations with a bang? Why not add some lights to the mix?

In the world of crazy wedding party ideas, fireworks display really take the cake. With fancy light-themed wedding invitations and different multicolored fairy lights decorating the area, you and your close friends and family can unwind under the stars with a great light-themed backdrop.

Since wedding ideas don’t usually focus on the after-party, this is a great way to add a new event after your special day is over and just relax with the people closest to your heart.

7. A Trip To Wonderland

This is definitely one of the more unique wedding ceremony ideas as most desi people do not plan themed wedding parties. Alice in Wonderland is a timeless classic, however, and incorporating elements into your wedding ceremony could be a great way to set you apart from the crowd.

Not only will this be one of the more different wedding party ideas, but it could also be a great way for you to unleash your inner creativity as there are many ways of making DIY décor for a Wonderland theme.

There are different ways you can handle the wedding ceremony decoration, and loads of different wedding party favor ideas you can incorporate with this type of function. From funky tea cups used as table toppers to playing cards hanging as an aesthetic backdrop, this is sure to be a wedding party you and your guests will remember.