Dance with the beats keep these 8 Keys for Your Indian Wedding DJ

Planning a destination Indian wedding? Here are the 8 key points to know that will help you in your arrangements including the hiring of a destination wedding DJ.

There are weddings and then there are Indian weddings. And while I say this, trust me, there is a huge difference between the two.

Indians are known for throwing glorious and luxurious weddings, be they domestic or international. An Indian destination wedding is not only grand but also full of awe-inspiring happenings. There is music, dance, drama, emotions, and of course, the sumptuous food menu bursting with desi flavors and cuisines. While some have their eyes set on the bride and groom, others wait for the destination wedding DJ to light up the party.

While planning a wedding is itself a daunting process, going for a destination Indian wedding is an immense task on another level. It requires constant planning, research, coordination, and careful budgeting. Hosting a wedding with breathtaking views, glamour, and intimacy looks pretty to the eyes but the effort required to reach that point is no piece of cake. Arrangements for the guests, checking in on the reservations, hiring the vendors, picking photographers, and destination wedding DJs, there are a ton of things to keep in mind. But luckily, through our experience, we share some key tips that will make your Indian destination wedding dream come true.

Destination Indian Wedding – 8 Important Things to Consider Beforehand

Planning a destination Indian wedding can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. Before you start, it’s important to consider the location, budget, guest list, weather, and cultural traditions. Communicate your expectations effectively with your planner and vendors, and research the destination’s local laws and regulations. By taking these factors into account beforehand, you can ensure a beautiful and memorable wedding experience for you and your guests.

1. Picking a Meaningful Venue

The first and most important decision to make is choosing an Indian wedding destination. A good chunk of preparation depends on the location of the wedding. We suggest looking for venues that are easily accessible for guests and suit your budget as well. The wedding location is somewhat the vacation spot for your invited guests and that is why we see more and more Indian beach weddings these days. We also encourage you all to visit the venues yourself once and book them in advance, at least 6 months before your wedding date.

2. Keeping the Guestlist Short

Another crucial thing to keep in mind while planning the destination Indian wedding is to keep the guest list short. With only the important people in your life invited, you manage to give each individual more attention than they deserve. Inviting people for the sake of ‘they might feel left out’ can be a big mistake that not only makes planning difficult but can also leave a huge dent in your wallet.

3. Inviting in Advance

Just like you need your time to make arrangements for the wedding, your guests also need time to block their dates, plan their travel, and keep their wardrobes ready for the functions. Since we are inviting only the important people in our lives, we want them all to be present on our big day, don’t we?

4. Booking Accommodations

Once your guests have RSVP-ed, the next step is to book the accommodation. Find hotels that are near your Indian wedding destination and book them in advance. Always keep some extra rooms booked to avoid last-minute mishaps that are bound to happen.

5. Picking the Best Local Vendors

First, make sure you choose the local vendors that are based close to your venue. This will save you from the travel cost of vendors from elsewhere. Second, don’t depend on phone calls. Visit your vendors personally and map out all the key decisions to be taken.

6. Figure Out a Rough Budget Estimate

While going International for your big day, you must be wondering how much does the destination Indian wedding cost? To be fair, it depends on you. It can cost as much as you want. By inviting tons of guests and going all out for the arrangements, your budget will definitely exceed your expectations. On average, an Indian wedding cost in the USA is around $125,000 to $175,000.

Even before bookings, you should figure out a rough assessment of your budget. Also, get a rough estimate of each item on the wedding agenda. For the destination wedding DJ, you can use this forum to have an idea of the approximate budget.

As you progress in the process of planning, monitor the expenses at every step. It will tell you where you are spending extra money and from where you can cut off some expenses.

7. Hiring Photographers and Videographers

On your dream destination Indian wedding, you want every special moment captured. Hire the best photographers that understand your style and also understand the traditions of the Hindu wedding.

8. Hiring Destination Indian Wedding Dj With Osve

A desi wedding is incomplete without some Bollywood-style songs and bhangra. Our weddings are not only loud in ritual and colors but are also bold in the department of music and entertainment. For that reason, many couples hire a destination wedding DJ that can light up the environment and keep the party lit.

At Outspoken Visions, we aim to make your beloved moments even more special for you and your family with our DJ Entertainment services. We have the best team of experienced Indian DJs equipped with the latest DJ music gear to rock your destination weddings. No matter what your taste and preferences are, with our destination wedding DJ, you just can’t go wrong.

Final Words

Destination Indian weddings are all over the map. While the process of planning and execution can be challenging, it is also a very interesting process that many people tend to enjoy. It’s like marrying the love of your life while enjoying the vacation with your friends and family. Sounds great. Right?
Where you invite all your dear loved ones, you also want to host an intimate yet fun event that everyone commemorates and rejoices in for a long. One good way to make your event entertaining is by having a destination wedding DJ. At OSVE, you get to hire the best DJs that will make every moment of your wedding unforgettable.